Short Links


All links that MikroCloud may embed in emails or notifications are signed with a signature to ensure that the link is not tampered with. This signature is verified when the user clicks on the link. Because of this, links are long and challenging to read. To make the links more user-friendly, MikroCloud uses a URL shortening service to create short links that redirect to the long links.

MikroCloud owns the domain mkcld.link for creating short links. The format of a short link is as follows:


The short code is a unique identifier generated for each long link. The short code is used to look up the long link in the MikroCloud database and redirect the user to the long link.

Rate Limits

The upper limit when accessing short links is 60 requests per minute, per IP address. Despite this limit, the target link will often have its own rate limits, and may refuse requests autonomously.


If not specified by the service that generated the short link, the short link will expire after 90 days.

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