Since 2019 we've built more features than any of our competitors.

Account MFA

Protect access to your account and MikroTik routers using multi-factor authentication (MFA).

BGP Security Feeds

Protect your users by automatically blocking malicious IP addresses on the internet. Data is sourced from multiple threat intelligence feeds and updated every 60 seconds.

Control Plane Filter

Describe and configure all your trusted management IP addresses centrally and apply it in the form of policies to your MikroTik routers.

Daily Backups

Maintain a backup of your MikroTik router configuration in a secure and immutable location. Backups are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Device Inventory

Build a network asset inventory of all the devices in your network. Keep track of their location, serial numbers, and other important information.

DNS Content Filtering

Block access to applications, specific domains or categories of websites, and protect your network from malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. More than 1600 application signatures are actively maintained by MikroCloud.

Firmware Management

Perform scheduled upgrades of your MikroTik router firmware. Includes CVE warnings for devices with outdated firmware.

Geographical Status

View outages of routers and WAN links on a map with real-time updates, filtering capabilities, and audible alerts.

Managed WAN Failover

Add upto 4 WAN connections to your MikroTik router. Automatically switch to a backup WAN connection when the primary connection fails. Monitoring and alerting included.

Management VPN

MikroCloud provides a secured and managed VPN connection to your MikroTik routers. The VPN connection is used to manage the routers and to transport data such as logs, backups, traffic statistics, and more.

Modern User Interface

Manage MikroTik routers at scale with a modern user interface designed for simplicity and efficiency. Our web application is built with the latest technologies and is optimized for a great user experience.

OAuth 2.0

MikroCloud is an API-first platform that uses industry-standard OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization. External identity providers like Google, Microsoft, and GitHub are supported.

Orchestration Logging

Maintain an audit trail of all the changes made to your MikroTik router through automations and runbooks. This helps identify failed changes and ensures compliance with your organization's policies.

Outage Causation

Our platform provides a detailed history of network downtime and their root causes. This information allows you to distinguish between network outages, power outages, and other types of outages.

RAG Status

Monitor the status of all the metrics that are important for uptime and performance. The best part is that you don't have to configure anything. We do it for you.

Remote Logging

Store your MikroTik router logs in a secure and centralized location. Use MikroCloud to manage your logs and to monitor your network.


Create schedules to automatically enable or disable services, mute automated alerts, or to represent operating hours of your branch deployments in SLA reports.

SLA Reports

Create uptime targets for a group of MikroTik routers and receive reports on the availability of your network.

Team Support

Collaborate with your team to manage your MikroTik routers and MikroCloud account. Assign authorization scopes, share routers, and control access to resources.

Transient Access

Use our existing VPN overlay to provide temporary access to your MikroTik routers. It punches through firewalls and NATs and provides a secure and managed connection to your routers.


Integrate and build out your own custom workflows with industry standard JSON webhooks. Often usful for integrating with third-party services or building custom automations.

WhatsApp Alerts

Receive alerts on WhatsApp when your business-critical MikroTik routers experience problems.

Deploy in minutes.

Deploy multiple MikroTik devices in minutes using MikroCloud's express onboarding.