We are taking MikroTik to task and putting the spotlight on security.

Security attestations, a trust center, service guarantees, management and audit tools, service insertion, these are just a few things that are missing from MikroTik powered networks.

Our mission

Cisco Meraki, Palo Alto, VMware, Fortinet and Sophos are some of the names that are considered when it comes to enterprise networking and security. We're adding MikroTik to that list.

Our experience with MikroTik devices stretches back to the days of RouterOS version 2.8, it's a product with a huge feature set, and a unbeatable price. Despite its advantages, in the past decade, we've observed numerous companies emerging and rapidly increasing in value, far outpacing MikroTik's growth over two decades, primarily due to MikroTik's limited penetration in the enterprise sector.

MikroCloud aims to redefine this landscape. We're developing a cloud-native management system and a service insertion platform designed to propel MikroTik products into the enterprise arena. Our goal is to position ourselves as the leading independent software provider for MikroTik networks globally.

MikroTik devices are sold annually, predominantly in developing markets.
2 million+
MikroTik devices on the internet have known security vulnerabilities.
~ 900k
Is the number promises made by MikroTik regarding the security of their devices.

Our approach

We rely on a few simple and effective rules to ensure that we live up to a standard that surpasses that of our competitors.

Business Model
The design, logic and execution of our proposition to achieve continued success is built around ethically sound business rules, a scalable and innovative technology stack, and a commitment to the buyer that we will meet and enhance their enterprise needs.
Sales Strategy
We strive to develop and maintain an effective go-to-market strategy that uses the appropriate channels including: direct and indirect sales, marketing, service, and communication. Our target audience includes value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators (SIs), NSPs, MSPs, OEM resellers and enterprise users.
Vertical/Industry Strategy
We aim to direct our resources, skills and offerings to meet the specific needs of individual market segments. We focus on the ability to address the unique requirements of particular verticals/industries and to employ the associated sales channels to build a sustainable business advantage.
Product Strategy
Our product development and service delivery emphasizes market differentiation, functionality, and a wide feature set that is mapped to current and future requirements of MikroTik users.
Marketing Strategy
We deliver clear, differentiated messaging consistently communicated internally, externalised through social media, advertising, customer programs, and positioning statements.
Market Understanding
We strive to understand and enhance the wants and needs of the buyer and we are committed to translating those into our products and services.

Our ability to execute

We focus on consistent and effective execution of our business model, our product and our operations. Keeping things simple is key to our success.

Market Responsiveness
Key to our long term survival is the ability to respond, change direction, be flexible and achieve competitive success as opportunities develop, competitors act, customer needs evolve and market dynamics change.
At the core of our existence is a product that we design, implement and improve ourselves on an ongoing basis. We have a narrow focus in a diverse industry and we strive to deliver a product for MikroTik devices that outperforms that of our competitors on every possible evaluation metric
We constantly evaluate our ability to meet our goals and commitments. Factors include the quality of the organizational structure, including skills, experiences, programs, systems and other vehicles that enable our organization to operate effectively and efficiently on an ongoing basis.
Marketing Execution
We ensure clarity, quality, creativity and efficacy of programs designed to deliver our message to influence the market, promote our brand and business, increase awareness of our product, and establish a positive identification with the product in the minds of buyers. This "mind share" is driven by a combination of publicity, promotional initiatives, thought leadership, word of mouth and sales activities.
Customer Experience
Relationships matter to us, we self evaluate on an ongoing basis to ensure we live up to a standard that we are proud of. Specifically, this includes the ways our customers receive technical support or account support. This also includes ancillary tools, customer support programs (and the quality thereof), availability of documentation, service-level agreements and so on.
Overall Viability
We consider our viability to consist of the overall business' financial health, the financial and practical success of our product and the likelihood that will be able to continue investing in our product, will continue offering our product and will advance the state of our product when brought into a comparative light with other vendors.

Deploy in minutes.

Deploy multiple MikroTik devices in minutes using MikroCloud's express onboarding.