MikroCloud Version 3 Sunset

At the end of March this year, we launched Version 4 of our MikroTik management platform, introducing significant improvements in features, security, and scalability. Today, we announce that we will sunset the Version 3 platform at the end of June 2024.

End of Free Tier

To focus our development efforts on roadmap items crucial to our paid-tier users, we regrettably cannot maintain the free tier. Over the past 18 months, our free-tier product has been deployed to nearly 4,000 routers worldwide. As a self-funded startup, the infrastructure cost has become prohibitive. Consequently, we will terminate the free tier effective June 1, 2024. May 31 will be the last day free-tier users can log in to http://app.mikrocloud.com.

How to Migrate

We have developed a migration tool to help users transfer their resources to the new system. If you wish to migrate, please fill in this form.

At the time of this article, we have contacted all our customers and offered our assistance in migrating to the new system.

Why Do I Need to Migrate?

Aside from decommissioning the old system, Version 4 is entirely independent of Version 3. This means all your sites, policies, etc., need to be recreated on the new system.

Is There a Cost to Migrate?

No, we will migrate any user free of charge who wants to move from Version 3 to Version 4. However, please note that Version 4 does not offer a free tier. If you are not currently paying for services, you will need to subscribe before migrating.

I Only Use a Small Set of Features on the Free Tier. I Cannot Afford to Pay for a Plan.

If you have a very limited use case, please reach out to us. We may be able to offer you a discount.

I Buy My Services Through a Channel Partner in South Africa. How Does This Affect Me?

If they haven't already, your provider will contact you in the next week or so to offer you a migration path.

I Don't Want to Migrate. How Do I Remove Your Configuration from My Sites?

If you do not wish to move to our new system, you can remove our configuration from your router by deleting the site in the service portal. To do this, go to Deployments -> Sites, select the site you want to remove, and then, in the site view, click on Danger Zone and then Delete.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this transition period. Thank you for being a valued user of MikroCloud.

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