Viewing MikroTik supout.rif Files with MikroCloud

Did you know there's a powerful tool hidden within the RouterOS that can significantly simplify this process - the supout.rif file. In this article, we'll explore how to generate a supout.rif file from your MikroTik router, its significance in network troubleshooting, and introduce an innovative tool that offers a deeper insight into your network's performance and issues.

What is a supout.rif File?

The supout.rif file is a comprehensive snapshot of your MikroTik router's configuration, system logs, and network statistics, saved in a binary format. It's primarily used for debugging RouterOS issues and expediting support queries by providing a detailed overview of the router's state, which can be invaluable for troubleshooting. Crucially, this file does not contain sensitive data or passwords, ensuring your network's security is maintained.

Generating a supout.rif File

Creating a supout.rif file can be achieved through several methods, depending on the interface you're using. Below are the instructions for WinBox, WebFig, and the console.


  1. Access the Router: Open WinBox and connect to your MikroTik router.
  2. Generate the File: Click on "Make Supout.rif".
  3. Open the File List: Click on "Files" to access the list of files on your router.
  4. Retrieve the File: To save the file to your computer, right mouse click on the file and select "Download" to get support output file or simply drag the file to your desktop. Winbox


  1. Access the Console: Connect to your router's console interface.
  2. Execute the Command: Type the following command and press Enter:
    /system sup-output name=supout.rif

The MikroCloud supout.rif Viewer

While the supout.rif file is incredibly detailed, deciphering its contents can be daunting. This is where the MikroCloud supout.rif Viewer steps in, offering a secure, in-browser decoding tool that provides a clear and comprehensive view of your router's diagnostics, including sections typically redacted by other tools.

Key Features:

  • Full Disclosure: Access all diagnostic sections of your supout.rif file.
  • Privacy Assured: Decoding occurs in your browser; no data is sent externally.
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive interface makes navigation straightforward.

Using the MikroCloud supout.rif Viewer

To use this tool, simply visit MikroCloud supout.rif Viewer. Upload your supout.rif file, and the viewer will instantly present the diagnostics in an easily navigable format, ensuring you have all the insights needed to manage and troubleshoot your network effectively.

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